Dhiraj Mehra

Director for Initiatives in India

Dhiraj Mehra directs the University’s initiatives in India. He received his bachelor’s degree in business administration with a minor in computer applications from the University of Notre Dame. After completing his formal education, he returned to India and successfully managed to propel his family-owned textile business to greater heights. He has been a serial entrepreneur, constantly on the lookout for creative business entities and has successfully created tangible value on exit in three different ventures.

In addition to his business and commercial ventures, Mehra runs a family-owned charitable trust in his home city of Mumbai, India, that helps promote and provide basic education and quality healthcare for the underprivileged. A foodie and an avid fan of cricket, soccer and formula 1 racing, Mehra is a devoted family man and loves investing value time with his wife Superna and their son Samay.