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In January 2014, Father John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., visited India with a Notre Dame delegation in the hope of developing collaborations with esteemed academic institutions and corporations. During that visit, agreements were struck with three prestigious universities, the India Institute of Technology-Bombay (IITB), St. Xavier’s, and St. Stephen’s, leading to productive collaborations for faculty and students alike. But Father Jenkins wasn’t the first Notre Dame president to visit India – Father Hesburgh spent time there in 1984 and 1988 during his world tours, while Father Malloy went in 1991 for a meeting of the Board of the International Federation of Catholic Colleges and Universities.  

Notre Dame’s network in India, including partners in academia, corporations and government, has grown most substantially since the establishment of the Mumbai Global Center in 2016. The Center has hosted a USAID-sponsored partnership between Notre Dame and the Afghani Balkh University as they seek to develop a master’s program in finance and accountancy for Balkh students. It has also helped coordinate visits and exchanges for students, including a group study by Notre Dame’s Student International Business Council, and has been instrumental in recruiting students to attend summer programs and delegations to campus.

Mumbai itself offer visitors a rich, cultural experience. It is the financial capital of India and is a top ten global hub for finance. It also houses some of the industry leaders in scientific and nuclear research and two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Though India is home to 22 languages and 1,500 dialects, there are 125 million English-speakers in the country, ensuring ease of travel and communication for visitors.

Should you be interested in a visit to Mumbai and our Global Center, please contact us.

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The Mumbai Global Center is part of the University of Notre Dame’s global network. Notre Dame International oversees Global Gateways centered in Beijing, Dublin, Jerusalem, London, and Rome. The Gateways create unique opportunities for Notre Dame to engage the world and the world to engage Notre Dame through scholarly collaboration, undergraduate and graduate study, as well as cooperative programs with governments, foundations, corporations, alumni, parents, and friends of the University.

NDI also leads six Global Centers located in Santiago, São Paulo, Mexico City, Hong Kong, Mumbai, and at Kylemore Abbey in western Ireland. A simpler infrastructure, the Global Centers focus on a more defined geographical area to facilitate academic and cultural programming and exchanges.