The first Notre Dame International hub in India, the Mumbai Global Center promises partnerships, projects, and opportunities across the country.

Established in 2016, the Mumbai Global Center is at work facilitating faculty delegations and scholarly exchanges, student visits, and faculty lectures and conferences. Thanks to signed academic agreements with several of the region’s top universities and NDI grants, Notre Dame faculty are guaranteed a rich and challenging scholarly environment poised to tackle some of the great issues in the world today. 

As for students, the Center has been instrumental in recruiting for Notre Dame International’s American Short-Term Programs, and continues to search for eager undergraduates to enroll at Notre Dame. Prospective students and their families are encouraged to contact the Center.

Strengthening ties in India

Provost Thomas Burish visits Mumbai, New Delhi

Serving a higher mission in Afghanistan

Notre Dame was awarded a $1.15 million contract to help a university in Afghanistan create one of the country’s first master’s program in finance and accountancy

Celebrating Notre Dame in Mumbai

The Mumbai Global Center hosted a special event to celebrate the Notre Dame community in India and welcome newly admitted students

30 Faculty from Notre Dame are currently doing research in India

43 Indian students have participated in iLED

80 Undergraduate students have studied abroad in India since 2014

1984 The year Father Hesburgh visited India, the first by a University President